About Us

Six Sigma Arms was founded on the principal that there is not one perfect AR-15 style rifle out there for everyone. There is only an AR-15 rifle that is perfect for you!

We do things a little differently by focusing on developing weapons to perform as close to perfect as possible. We want to build the perfect rifle for you whether it is a range plinker, tactical entry, or sniper model. Six Sigma custom builds every rifle to your exact specifications to meet your personal needs. We will assist you as much, or as little, as you would like when determining your ideal configuration.

Six Sigma Arms only uses the highest quality and most reliable parts available. In the pursuit of perfection, we torture tested our own personal AR-15 to find out how and where they break down and what we can do to make them better. Check out our log of the recent 16-month torture test! We took advantage of the extreme Minnesota weather and used the rain, heat, arctic cold, sleet and snow while putting over 4000 rounds though a rifle without even so much as a single drop of oil! During this test we did not even remove the upper from the lower! This is just one example of the many rigorous tests we perform to assure the highest quality firearms possible.

We take a very personal approach while building our rifles. We communicate with you and send pictures of the entire assembly process from the moment a serial number is assigned until final shipment to an FFL for transfer to you. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have and we welcome any feedback.

Six Sigma Arms is proud of the rifles we build and believe you should be proud of the rifle you own. We encourage members of the Six Sigma Family to send us stories and photos of their rifles in action whether it is a successful hunt or training in action.

No matter what type of AR based rifle you are looking for we would be happy to help you build the perfect rifle that is custom designed just for you.